After the Mozilla statement "the need of more than deplatforming", I've made the jump to brave after being a Firefox using for over 15 years. I'm ashamed to say it took me this long.

Reveal who is paying for advertisements, how much they are paying and who is being targeted.

Translation. Tell us who the advertisers are so we can incite the Cancel Culture mob to harass advertisers until they drop sponsoring the wrong-thinkers. (we have already seen this happen)

Commit to meaningful transparency of platform algorithms so we know how and what content is being amplified, to whom, and the associated impact.

Translation. Why do people still believe there were election irregularities when it's clearly wrong-think (didn't you hear what a judge said? Judges always right) and we must make sure such unfavorable thoughts are not propagated.

Turn on by default the tools to amplify factual voices over disinformation.

Translation. Censor wrong-think conservative channels and move left-wing content upper in search results (already happening in most platforms).

Work with independent researchers to facilitate in-depth studies of the platforms’ impact on people and our societies, and what we can do to improve things.

Translation. Let us do the dirty work for you.

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