After playing Odyssey I feel that the game is lacking in a number of ways.

Tw3 wasnt as good as tw2, ill never finish tw3, I didnt enjoy it nearly as much as I am enjoying odyssey. Tw2 was better than 3 and 1 was better than 2, but thats just my opinion on them. All good games, but I think the first was the best, and I played 1 back to back with tw2 ee.

Dishonored was so terribly bland, and the ending was a letdown.

I even prefer odyssey to rdr2, and I purposly got an xb1x just for rdr2.

The funny thing is, the way I feel about odyssey is the exact opposite of how I feel about the fallout series. So now ive been on both sides. I think fallout 3 and 4 are terrible fallout games, but good games, but now I like odyssey more than ac 1, 2 or 3.

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