After seeing the Tiananmen Square drama thread, I want to give my dear redditors some insights into the political views of contemporary Chinese students.

First of all they're not "my" people and no they don't.

Yes they are your people. I am treating you like you treat us. I am revoking your white privilege what's that? Oh when ever a non white person does something THEY ARE ALL LIKE THAT!!!! So a few people eat dogs they eat dogs in Switzerland too. But all Chinese are like this!!!

So some tourists misbehave ALL Chinese are like that.

When a black person does something ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT.

When a brown person does a shooting ALL BROWN PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT.

Vegas shooter oh fuck he's white!!!! make excuses I know individualism!!!! No no he was a secret Muslim!!!!

I can find nothing backing up that claim. I managed to find this though: "This gives a crime rate of 366 crimes per 10,000 Japanese males against 53 crimes per 10,000 U.S. servicemen. In other words, the per capita crime rate of U.S. servicemen in Okinawa is only 14 percent of that of the Japanese." This is actually surprising that the American troops commit less crimes than the locals because the American troops are disproportionately young men, a group disproportionately likely to commit crimes.

That was debunked years ago. The conclusion was the crime rate was much higher but they were simply punished less and arrested a lot less. Much like in the UK where drug users are predominantly white yet non whites are stopped disproportionately more.

Umm... what? Afghanistan Iraq and Libya had nothing to do with white supremacism but with state sponsored terrorism against the US. The US hasn't even invaded Syria (inb4 US has secretly been sending KKK squads to lycnh Syrians). China is also considered one of the leaders in the war on terror.

War on terror? So what did Iraq have to do with it? Oh nothing!!!! But it's completely OK because dead brown people don't count!!!! Like in Vietnam non whites never count!!!

China occupied parts of Vietnam until 1992.

The US still occupies part of Japan, S Korea, Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia... but that doesn't count!!! You voted for it too and you voted for Abu Graib and you voted for all those deaths happily too. Much like Americans happily voted for the massive rapes and murders in Vietnam.

Or the fact that 77 million white supremacists voted into power a white supremacist. Donald Trump is not a white supremacist nor are the vast majority of his supporters.

Of course they are all white supremacists. Didn't you get the message above? You see when ONE of us does something ALL of us are given this label. I'm just doing it back to you... yet suddenly it's unfair when I do the same back to you? I repeat 77 white supremacists voted for Trump. You don't like it? Then stop generalising all of us too.But you won't so I'm going to do it back to you as well.

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