After two months of intermittent pain, I passed my kidney stone.

The pain from a kidney stone isn’t the stone itself. It’s the fluid build up in the ureter behind the stone.

The pressure causes the constant pain, but the sharp stuff is renal colic.... the urinary system having spasmodic episodes trying to move the blockage.

If you're a regular stonemaker, you should find some Chanca Piedra (stone breaker). It's magic. Doctors will tell you to drink lemonade which is almost a placebo, but Chanca Piedra actually works. It's an herbal which also often means placebo, but not this stuff. I recommend the drops vs. the pills, take them at least an hour after eating and at least 30 min before eating again. I buy the Whole World Botanicals brand, I've tried others and they're just not as good. $35 or so per bottle. If you're a stonemaker, it's money well-spent.

As testimony to their efficacy, I had several stones confirmed by ultrasound, I took Chanca Piedra daily, and a month later I had a second ultrasound, they were gone. I don't think I had to take it the whole time, nowadays when I feel a stone coming on I take it for a few days and I'm good.

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