After watching the presidential "debate" tonight, is it just me or are men too emotional to run our country?

I disagree. I appreciate Biden not stooping to Trump’s level by interrupting. Trump was being disrespectful and immature. Biden was being respectful of the rules of the debate and tried to remain as professional as possible.

When Biden did have speaking time, he used it well by providing concise answers. Meanwhile, Trump dwindled all of his speaking time by rambling on about pointless topics, without even answering the questions at hand. It was clear to me that Biden cared more about the American people, as he at least gave us the decency of sharing his viewpoints and plans with us.

I was personally enraged that Trump essentially ruined the debate on purpose, not allowing the American people to fairly hear each side. If he had one iota of respect or care for the public, he would allow us to hear all of the information, and make our own educated votes. Instead, he ruined the debate so that very little actual information from the candidates was shared. From Biden, I at least felt acknowledged and respected.

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