After years of being a flaming liberal, I realized something important about myself that leads me to be libertarian!

Amen brother. Unfortunately with our current first past the post unlimited terms two party system corruption is kinda the key to the average politician's survival. Getting reelected seems to be their only concern.

My thoughts on fixing that: * Non consecutive terms. You serve one term of X years then can't run again for anything on any level for X years. 2 years in the House then back to being a private citizen for 2 years. Ditto for Senate or President or Governor or judge. After that you can run again. Rinse, wash, repeat. You can't obsess over getting reelected if you can't be reelected. * Instant runoff elections. No primaries. *You have six months from the first working Monday in January to get as many signatures of registered voters as you can on a ballot petition. Voters can sign as many petitions as they desire. The top five or so signature getters are on the ballot. Period. No exceptions.

I'm fully aware this will take a constitutional amendment. I really think it'd take a change this drastic to return the people to that "We the People" ideal we started with. I also think it's worth it.

But what do I know. I'm just a crackpot libertarian who's gonna waste his vote on Gary Johnson.

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