Afternoon random discussion - Feb 28, 2022

I have a sister who hates me. Sabi nya the day I die a tragic death yun daw pinaka magiging masayang araw nya and she has been wishing for that day to come ever since were kids because I am pabida, bossy, and bullies people into submission to get my way.

Okay, I would admit na baka totoo. I can be imposing if I want to. I like to prank family members (except her) which can be interpreted as pabida. I do well academically so my parents' attention are on me all tye time, which again can be interpreted as pabida. Some people would describe me as assertive (bully) and I tend to be voted as the leader pag may group work (bossy). So yes, I can be a pain in the ass.

Meanwhile, she's the type to stay in her room all day and not talk to anybody.

I talked to our common friends about it, sabi nila it's the usual "golden child vs middle child" competition.

Dati naiignore ko pa sya but now she's so annoying. She stands in my way, literally... all the time. I ignore her because I pity her. Pero minsan mahirap. She literally wants to make my life miserable.

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