or: How I Learned to Stop Whining So Much and Love the Teams

It's a long post and it's difficult to read so you'll forgive me if I condense it into something I can understand, but I think broadly the only new point of actual substance that's being made is this: You can team and then kill your team mate. Then you can team with someone else and kill that team mate later on etc. etc. and eventually by using those kil-team-mate stepping stones you can reach #1 in the board

OK. But so what? That still doesn't make teaming enjoyable for me, because it still takes away the things that I enjoyed about the game: the competitive skill and fun of battling with and evading other opponents at mostly equal and moderately higher and lower levels of power than me.

The rest of it about fairness comes down to subjective personal values, as these things always do. I suppose the thing I would say about that is to pick up the only other point I found engaging: the example with the gazelle ....

  • Imagine the gazelle (a cell with 20 mass) is in one corner of the game reserve, and 3 men with guns (the team) stand in the centre of the game reserve a mile away and shoot it (and other gazelles all around - 16-splitting across the board at them). The gazelle had no way of knowing the bullet was coming, it couldn't use it's speed and agility to run away (those are the traits it evolved to avoid predators - the only reason it still exists as a species), it didn't have a chance. Or lets imagine it was in the same place but behind bushes (again, another "rule" of the territory that is there to give it a fighting chance and make the game of life interesting), and the men set fire to the whole area (the team hoovered away all the viruses) to remove the bushes and then shot the gazelle

When it comes to personal values and what each of use finds far or not - I personally don't enjoy shooting gazelles with absolutely no chance at all of fighting me in any equal way. You do

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