In The Age Of A.I. (2019) --- This just aired last night and it's absolutely fantastic. It presents a great look at AI, and it also talks about automation, wealth inequality, data-mining and surveillance.

That''s still $1,000 more than Bernie has from billionaires. He could have elected to decline that donation but he didn't.

I do see your point re: automation and Yang. That's the crux of his campaign and it makes sense that he'd be the stronger candidate on it. Again, I don't think it's our most pressing issue but I understand if you feel differently about it.

And yes, I have. Bernie's plan is worker-centric, which I feel is important if you want to get rust belt voters on board. I don't think carbon taxes are particularly useful at this stage in the game. We need to build infrastructure and prevent fossil fuel companies from doing further damage. Carbon taxes are fine but I don't think they're aggressive enough in light of our present situation.

I'm at work so I can't be as in-depth as I'd like to be, but I'll say that I actually like a lot of what Yang has saying and I think he makes important points. I just also think the candidate that has spent 50 years fighting for working class people and is heading up a massive movement is what we need right now. Bernie beats Trump easily and can create real tangible benefits for working class people in a way that hasn't happened in decades. Yang is who we need following Bernie's revival of working class power. Someone with a mind for tech who can take us forward once we've addressed our current ailments.

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