The Age Gap™ - how much is too much?

I dont care. I think anything goes as long as it isnt and doesnt look pedophilic (shotas, lolis).

The reason it doesnt bother me much is probably bc I always put myself in the place of the younger one. My perspective on this is likely to change when I get older, like how as a kid we're all like "hell yeah go chase love Ariel" but as we grow we change into "child no what are you doing, listen to your dad dont go making deals"...

If its well written then I dont care about the trope, Teacher/student, Immortal/human, fantasy or real life, period or modern, same maturity or completely different amount of life experience and knowledge.... Self-serving fiction like otome games are all just fantasies and fantasies dont really have to be healthy, condoned or wanted in real life for you to indulge in them. I do worry about the impact it could have on a younger person playing the game tho, as it romanticizes and shows things that the young person might not know shouldnt happen/dont happen in real life, only in fantasies.

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