Aggression - [GMLS] GML Strong Alliance - NA/SA/OCE - ZvZ/PvP/GvG/HG - Blackzone Territories & T2 BZ Hideout(T7 Zone) - Recruiting active PvPers

These are all things I have heard before during our peak in GW2. Weak minded men like your brother, friend and you are what ruin guilds. Especially in this game where you catch a camlann and use your grovekeeper e to run to the backline and clump all your team instead. None of you had any pve mob fame when you joined. Consider yourself lucky Artarius put up with any of you. It is pretty telling when he used 8.2 maps without charging any of you for them while allowing to profit from them. So let us not pretend you are anything like an ideal recruit. As far as I am concerned Defecation, none of you made your existences known in the guild until your brother Dis4bility decided to skip a cta to fish.

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