I agree with Bill on most issues including politics, but it’s pretty lame of him to shit on everyone else’s political opinion and then admit that he isn’t even bothering to vote.

I’ve been listening for a few years. He pretty clearly discloses his politics, he just beats around the bush and doesn’t name names most of the time. He said he voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries last time, and said he usually votes for the “fringe” candidate in the general elections, which means he’s probably gone the libertarian route the last few cycles since they’re the most viable third option lately. All well and good.

I’m just saying, for all the talk, to not vote at all when it comes down to it is just a lazy cop out for the amount of shit he talks about peoples’ political opinions. I know he’s busy, but he fully acknowledged he could have sent in an absentee ballot but didn’t.

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