Ah, yes.

I like this. Could be a good copypasta if it was less contextual. Here's my spin.

It's the year 2050. The EU has outlawed all memes on the internet. Tobacco farmers are seeking a new source of income since Juul's latest merger with the US government which placed pods in every public library, water supply, and school cafeteria across the nation. You walk into one of Amazon Primes new automated Marijuana Dispensaries to buy your 120-year-old grandmother an Ounce of Orangutan Piss. She suffers severe anxiety and daily panic attacks from the stressful and dangerous work conditions Uber imposes on the bug testers for their auto-driving transportation service. The code was all written by superintelligent AI, so the only way to test for bugs is to stand in front of a moving driver-less car and hope for the best. As you check out, you notice an odd rectangular pack by the register with a label reading "Clinically proven to SHORTEN your lifespan by up to 10 years! Smoke Camels. Die faster." You buy a carton.

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