Go ahead Psyonix, justify this...

I’m sure they are aware of all the bugs and they are finding ways to fix them.

Yeah, I'm sure..

Two years in and demos are much worse than ever before, goal posts are worse than ever(ball clips through the edges and into the goal instead of bouncing away, or balls bounce out when they're 100% already going in), servers/netcode hasn't improved at all from my perspective, unavailable boost pickups remain visible when joining a game in progress, midair flip physics are a joke, hitboxes still suck(especially in combination with inconsistent servers/netcode/physics, attempting to do fine-angle shots can result in the ball going through the car because the hitbox doesn't match most cars perfectly), when the ball is touching the wall and I'm using a non-flat car like Skyline or Endo, I still somehow manage to drive under(on the wall) the ball and it completely misses even though that can't be possible, and the game is very inconsistent in general. This isn't even half of it, and a lot of these things have been known about for ages.

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