Go ahead tell us your problems

Mine is a bit simple. I have BSc in Science majored in applied Geophysics, but this field of study has very low chances in Egypt, I'm Egyptian btw, so I self-learned Graphic Design and worked as a graphic designer for 2 years but in a very bad company. It was very bad on so many levels from the salary to working during national holidays and weekends to zero insurance to inhumane working hours, 12 hours per day 6 days per week!! So I decided to learn Software Engineering and took a professional diploma with Excellent grade in it, but I found myself have to work for a shitty company again to gain some experience in the software industry. What am I doing now? I work as a sales engineer in an energy solutions company with a bad salary, again. What I want? I want to work as a Software developer with a decent salary and not having to work for a shitty company first. What should I do?

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