Ahhh good old high school days

Nah i take drugs to at least enjoy things and in the hope i can accidently od like a dumbass cause im too much of a pussy to kms, idk how im still alive tbh i've abused molly for a whole month taking at least 4 pills a day till i dried out the savings my mom made for me (around 1500€), im a failure and i just want to get a job so i can buy more drugs and harder ones. I still havent overcome my last relationship which ended 4 years ago bcs im a toxic human being, i've fucked around for a year after to cope with it it just made it worse dont see any point living if its to become like my father later in life or be even shittier cause at least he's an engineer and not a drug addict. Sry if i come up as attention seeking im drunk af and i dont want to bother my remaining friends with my problems sinc im the only reason i have them, ill prob delete that tommorow or before going to bed. Sry for being a cunt too it was just for fun, thanks for the words but im gone and i know i can never come back from where im heading, i truly wish u the best and im sorry again

(Sorry for the fucking essay holy shit)

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