Ahmadiyya and Urdu

A comment on the statement made by author of the Post.

"Why would God now make Urdu a "holy" important language to learn when the original Islamic scriptures is all in Arabic?"

The most ancient prophet whose religion still survives as of date was Zoroastrianism , who was Persian Speaking Prophet whose Followers established the great grand Persian empire over 2500 years ago . He spoke ancient Persian. The Empire fell after the advent of Islam. So in those days God Spoke Persian. Then came the great grand Prophets of Israel Abraham, Moses , David and Solomon , those days God spoke Hebrew. He continued to speak Hebrew until the times of Jesus.

Then God started to speak in Arabic, that became the religious language of the second largest religion in the world.

There are countless saints born in the Islamic world and God spoke to them in their language, he has spoken to MGA in Urdu predominantly as well as Arabic.

THERE is no Compulsion in Religion, nobody has to believe in anything they don’t want to.

For those who believe in Religion they believe that if and when God speaks, he speaks in a language of human beings. That is why the followers of Religion do not find this unusual.

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