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AHStories | Series Premiere Discussion Thread

AHStories | Series Premiere Discussion Thread

just finished part 1, some thoughts-

- Surprisingly I actually enjoyed this a lot more than I thought it would, reading the negative feedback I went in with low expectations, but it was generally entertaining and didn't cum on its own face with fan service outside of Rubber man which was still utilized effectively.

- Paris Jackson is STUNNING! I've never really seen her that much since she grew out of wearing a face mask as a child, but she is so gorgeous in this episode and her eyes could slice through a rock. I do not see Michael Jackson at ALL in her though, but she also wasn't half-bad as an actress. I'd really like to see her in something again.

- At first I hated Scarlet but the more I found out about her made her really intriguing. I was also into semi-violent porn at her age, though fortunately I finally understood what healthy sex is and what is flat out degradation. And never murdered anyone, so I think I'm good. I think it's true though that watching that shit at 16 can really fuck up your perception of things as you get older, it took me a long time to put together what was healthy sexuality and what was just flat out abuse, l kind of wish I had two gay dads to put a childlock on my internet service.

- I loved Matt Bomer and his husband, the line about Folsom Street Fair made me laugh out loud. I went to it a few years ago and it's definitely.... an experience. Bomer's reaction to that line also made me laugh like 'dear lord, she gets it, you don't have to throw that at her'. I feel like if I was married to someone i'd be a lot more like Matt than Troy.

- Of course the black character is the first to die. I mean, not a huge deal, but this is one horror trope that still pisses me off when it's used these days. I hope in the new Candyman the white character is the first to be killed if there is one heh.

- Kind of loved the whole basement buthchering scene. Not in reality, but in the context of AHS it was

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