Air University's "gateway to intelligence," a list of intelligence resources (provided as a resource to know what they're thinking, not as an endorsement)

Hi, comrades. I came across this list from reading Domhoff's The Higher Circles: The Governing Class in America.

On p. 254 of my copy of Higher Circles, Domhoff quotes a book called The Espionage Establishment by David Wise and Thomas B. Ross. It says,

Espionage establishments tend to attract the elite, privileged, and better-educated members of the society. In the West, at least, intelligence officials often come from older, upper-class families whose scions, already assured of great wealth, are now more interested in public service [!] . . . And in both countries [England and the United States] there is a close relationship between the espionage establishment and what has come, loosely, to be termed the Establishment--that larger grouping of powerful men who, in any country, seem to control its affairs.

Domhoff then goes on to say

Nor is this upper-class bias present only in the top leadership of the CIA. When we look at the lower levels and at specific operations--overthrowing governments in Iran and Guatemala, spying on Cuba, invading Cuba--we find some of the most respected and respectable members of the upper class doing the dirty work. From Boston there is an Amory, a Cabot, and a Saltonstall. From New York there are two Roosevelts. Until his death in the crash of a Kennedy in-law's airplane, the CIA office in St. Louis was headed by Lewis G. Werner--socialite, investment banker, and polo player. In the San Francisco Social Register we find Sherman Kent, a Yale professor turned CIA intellectual. These names ar enot exceptions; they are merely some of the better-known of the upper-class names in our CIA file.

So googling for The Espionage Establishment I found the Department of Energy's "Office of Counterintelligence's "Counterintelligence Reading List," which had Espionage Establishment listed.

I don't know whether this is of use to anyone--it's sort of an info overload. Nonetheless, I figured better to toss it out there just in case it's useful to anyone.

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