Airbnb doesn't care about hosts anymore (and will manually override cancellation policies to accommodate guests!)

It is absolutely absurd that a guest who has scheduled to stay in a cabin in a mountain ski resort would believe that she can cancel at the last fucking minute because It's Snowing

I've been there... I've driven those roads in Blizzard conditions, and they have a fleet of snow plows running up and down the highway keeping the roads clear. You rarely need chains. And for a guest to claim the extenuating circumstance of Snow in an area where the reason people travel there in the winter time is to play in the snow? Well that's just fucking insane! And for AirBnb to back her up and say "Here you go baby... All your money back... Too Bad that your host won't be able to rent his cabin out to people who know what snow is, and would have gladly booked it a week ago... but that's just the way things go.... We're AirBnB... We're moving in a new direction.... and if hosts don't provide their own lube, that's just the way it goes. Bend over Mister Host.... We've got the shaft for you whether you want it or not"!

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