Airport security of reddit: what’s the weirdest experience you had while scanning luggage?

I was the passenger in this. Flying with my parents and older brother. Flying within EU space, and I had my iPod in my backpack with the headphones rolled up around it and placed in a cool metal box(custom made to match the Ronaldinho theme of my iPod). On the scanner it looked like an explosive device placed in a metal box. In the end, after a full search of my backpack they only took my sandwich. My whole family was through already and each one of them had at least 2 sandwiches, chocolate bars and some other food.

Another story. I was traveling from Romania to the Netherlands after the Spring Break and my laptop got swabbed for drugs. It came positive for weed and they said cocaine. Funny story is that I used to roll my joints on my laptop cuz it's easier but I don't get where did they got the cocaine positive test.

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