AITA to want access to my sisters' phones?

Jesuz, I do understand the hate though. I guess I'll consider a more honest approach with their behavior, even though I have done that and couldn't really include it with the post and nothing really changed, but I guess I can't really expect them to change their behavior and I just wait it out until they get more mature. And to those who say that I have no right, I have every right. My parents are barely home and I'm the eldest in the house, and my parents never take their time to even have a 1 on 1 talk with them because my mom is too busy and my step dad can't speak our language which is Bisaya. And we live in the Philippines, the girls are indigenous, so they barely have access to proper education so they don't speak English. I am teaching them English so they don't get embarrassed for not knowing any english while going to school here in the city. :3

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