AITA: bought my ex wife a new car, and helped her with some bills. Now my wife is mad

No but I was bipolar. So I had other disadvantages like not being able to handle a lot of stress, having depressive and psychotic episodes going in and out of hospitals. Also not having a partner, being all by myself. I never married and the one time I had a live in boyfriend I provided for him. I worked at subway which didn’t provide much resources, I eventually got jobs in my field. Everyone has their own disadvantages in life and advantages. The point I’m making is that everyone can work on bettering themselves. It’s never too late to start over and go back to school. Even now I got in a car accident and use a walker. But I still can work, go to school and provide for myself. Billions of people do the same thing. This working on yourself and providing yourself is part of life. Expecting OP to take care of his ex for life doesn’t empower the ex to take care of herself. My best friends from community college were all moms.

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