AITA for "acting like a spoiled brat" to get the car I wanted?

The parents should actually listen to OP. Being treated with respect is important. I have a laundry list of similar incidents from when I was a teen. Mostly thanks to my dad. Everyone has preferences, but if you ask for an opinion and completely ignore it without a good reason, that's not great.

They're nothing major, but I also wanted to end up with things that would get use. Could I have been more graceful and grateful? Yes, but inherently I still prefer gifts that get use and do not end up immediately in recycling.

  • My dad refused to buy me a comparably priced bicycle I would have preferred to use (would have been my main mode of transportation - and no I didn't have one already) because I did not want a cruiser-style bike and I would have preferred a hybrid. The cruisers are uncomfortable to me (my sister had one) and I also happen to love biking as exercise which is harder with a cruiser. Anyway, ended up with no bike.

  • When I off-hand expressed I wanted gray trousers, my dad took me surprise shopping to an old lady store. When I expressed I already had a different (cheaper, more stylish) pair in mind elsewhere, my dad blew up and took me home instead.

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