AITA for asking expensive present, or should I start panicking because of a bad potential future? Hi everyone here! Just created this page to ask sth what really eats me.

Hi everyone here! Just created this page to ask sth what really eats me.

So my boyfriend and I (we have a significant age gap) are dating for 6 months. Since we both find each other's company quite entertaining and have many things in common- the question of marriage pops up. The problem which comes here is the financial aspect of our potential family. In his late 30’s he doesn’t have his own house yet (which he is planning to get after marriage), but instead is living in a small flat (we are not living together), he works for someone where he makes approximately 5k$ per month, haven’t left the country even once. He had 2 unsuccessful relationships and married once.

The problem came up today when I shared what I would like to get sth as a present for a very special occasion (the cost of it is 1.5k). This is sth I have wanted for a while, so he said that he would give me only 500$ because he doesn’t value this thing I want as much as I do, so this doesn’t worth his working time.

He is not planning to change anything with his work as he feels comfortable with what he has now, not that he even trying!

AITA for asking this, or should I start panicking because even in the future things I will want will always be underestimated because it wouldn’t worth his work time? Should I stay or leave for my better future? (As a fam person, I prefer family to career so I don’t consider working at all, and please don’t put any negativity because of it).

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