AITA for asking my ex girlfriend to pay 50% of the rent after she refused to move out?

NTA, but I have some reservations about this whole attitude

Tons of couples pay bills equitably, not equally, if there’s a huge discrepancy in income. I think that you would be the asshole here if you broke up over something that was not her fault, and then charged her a rent that she couldn’t afford, but that she was stuck in. I don’t think that it is unreasonable to expect the same equitable rent payment (if that was indeed what this was) after a breakup. If you’re making 80,000 a year, and she’s making 30,000 a year, the party that makes more will commonly compromise for a nicer place. Suddenly going back on that deal after a breakup, making someone experience massive financial insecurity because you don’t love them anymore is arguably pretty cruel. Especially when you can afford to pay the other chunk and you KNOW that they can’t.

What actually turns the tide on this is that she was only paying $200 a month. That is rent you can’t get ANYWHERE. If she’s making $10 an hour, she would be able to afford a $400 rent payment. Not comfortably, but she could do it. I don’t know what she actually makes, and the designer handbag thing. If she’s paying just as much in rent as she is on a handbag, she can ABSOLUTELY afford to pay more rent. It’s bullshit that she tried to pull that “I’ll give it to you in 2 weeks” nonsense on her first rent payment. I don’t blame you for that at all.

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