AITA for being annoyed at my bf for being late

nta. long ago i got fedup with people being late when we were supposed to meet somewhere and started putting in a 15 minute rule. once i show up (and it's rare i'm late) if the other person isn't there 15 minutes after we agree to meet, i leave. simple as that.

one person's bday he told me oh just show up 7 or 8pm. i show up at 7h30pm, it's february, ice rain coming down, no one answers his condo, the lights are off in his condo, i'm carrying his bday cake and realize yet again he's effing with me, slam the cake down right in front of the entry, walk away.

next day i called, told him if you saw the cake that was your bday cake. he said he was still at work, he was only home at 9h30pm. i snarled if you knew you were not home when you told me why did you tell me to show up at that time.

and this was standard for him.

got rid of him not long after; don't eed friends like that. it was an hour commute to his home and 35$ for the cake. waste of money waste of time for a moron who can't even give a proper timeframe.

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