AITA for being dissatisfied about my mom's attempt to reform her racist slurs?

YTA. She grew up in a society where that was not only welcomed, but encouraged. How old is your mother? The last 5 months have been a drop in the bucket compared to her whole life, and changing behaviour isn't like changing bed sheets. The fact that she's catching herself mid word and correcting it shows that she truly is trying. You flipped out on her because you want her to be like you, but you grew up in an era completely different from her, and despite that she's still trying to change.

You need to be more patient. It's not gonna happen overnight, it might take a year or two, but clearly she's trying. Have a serious discussion with your boyfriend, and if he can brush off the occasional slip from her, introduce them, but if not tell your mom you'd like to wait a bit before that happens.

Either way, flipping out on her is just gonna discourage her and send her back into her own ways. Don't do that. Encourage her progress and ask if you can help.

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