AITA for being doxed & knowing who was responsible?

That's great you're saying I suck here or I'm also the asshole based on your experience... But might I suggest if you don't want to be one yourself you ask questions?

I was just standing up for their employees who might have missed that post where they were mocking them had everyone just ignored it...

You talk about putting myself in the flame and then crying about it... That's what the sister I didn't even know existed was doing! Before she started a witch hunt to 20 thousand strangers, she preemptively blocked me so I wouldn't know. I only discovered she existed when I saw people replying to comments that didn't seem to exist before being replied to (and were of course still hidden).

Continuing to post updates about the threats and attacks on me was once again considering the wellbeing of others... Maybe their employees should know what kind of stuff...?

Yes talking in person is almost always best but I promise you I was most definitely not impulsive... ignorant assumptions aside.

Not every situation is the same... That's why it's better, more interesting, and more fun for everyone involved if you ask questions instead of just quickly passing judgment on everything around you based on your own experiences

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