AITA for being involved with a 36 year old man while im still in undergraduate college?

As someone who is pretty close to 36 this seems sketchy. I want nothing to do with young adults, we don’t even exist in the same emotional universe.

there is a lot of emotional maturing that happens between 20 and 30 , it’s a time to really get to know who you are. You are on very different places in life even if you don’t feel that you are.

My middle school aged child is closer in age to you than I am. Think about the vast amount of life you have lived and learn between middle school and now, he’s lived that twice again. It’s huge red flag for him to be talking to you.

The best predators won’t make you feel trapped or uncomfortable until it’s too late.

please be very wary of this man.

And please keep in mind that he was an adult before you were old enough to talk or walk.

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