AITA for being surly, rude and mean at a wedding and leaving early?

You could totally be an extra plus one and I’m sure my boyfriend wouldn’t mind! It really was a fun wedding. I could not get over this one older lady that kicked off the smoking. She literally came over to a table full of the wedding party and siblings and just sat down, pulled a plastic bag out of tits, takes a joint out of there, sparks up, and then takes a puff and just holds it out waiting for someone to take it. And she didn’t say anything until after she passed it. But she broke the seal and everyone was like “well, an adult started it so it’s ok” even though we were all in our late twenties and early thirties. There was a shuttle to a hotel that someone convinced to drive to his house so he could get his fucking toke tray.

It was so weird and funny. My SIL didn’t believe us about the woman who started it and then the lady came and did it again because she saw that me, my boyfriend, my brother, and his wife (so weird to say still) were smoking after the reception started dying down. She said hi and then just walked away and came back with her husband and another joint and SIL’s jaw dropped. We’re all old enough now that “adults” apparently no longer give a fuck about hiding stuff like that from us anymore. I hope when I get married it’s that fun.

I really needed a couple shots after the ceremony; I was crying like a baby during it which I was not expecting lmao I just love my brother and SIL and her sister so much that I just could not contain how happy I was that we’re all a family now.

When I get married I’ll be sure to send you an invite as long as you promise to bring party favors ;)

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