AITA for being "too sensitive"?


They disappointed you. But you're at the age where you've outgrown your parent's ability to advise you, on this topic. I think because it's a topic your father "owns", he's being too sensitive, and projecting that onto you. Projection is a psychological phenomenon wherein people identify their own shortcomings or flaws, and then transfer them to another person; and it's very, very common. That's why when a romantic partner accuses you of cheating out of nowhere, you should look at their behavior very closely, because they're probably cheating. Another example is the biggest drama queen you know saying that other people cause too much drama.

Telling them a specific model is unlikely to help. You'll get an inferior or useless one anyway, because "they're the same thing." I don't know at what age we forget that specific brands and tiny details can be very important, but it is also very common. You'll have to save up and buy it yourself. Ask them for money instead, or something you can return for credit at the same store/website if cash gifts are too mercenary for your parents.

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