AITA for being upset my MIL won't make a "family quilt" for me and my husband because we have no kids?

ESH, don’t get me wrong, I’ll never have kids(Vasectomy, best choice of my life) and if I was close with that kind of person, it would be definitely disgusting to be excluded because I chose not to have kids. However, why the hell would I want a quilt from someone who thinks myself and my partner are undeserving of a gift of love because of that? Regardless if that’s how you feel or not, she is a human being and allowed to decide what she does in her time, and who it’s for. Even if it’s a shitty reason, she is a human being and is entitled to do whatever she wants without repercussions as long as it doesn’t harm others. Sounds like you just wanted it cause it seems cool and you don’t actually really like her, seems like you attempted to use her and a little choosing beggar. However, like I said at the top, I’m there with ya with not having kids(dunno if you want them or not) and being treated less because of that is disgusting and awful. Honestly, she should have considered your guy’s feelings and her sons feelings. “Oh hey, I’m making quilts for my kids, and even though my son doesn’t have kids, I love him and he loves his partner. I’m sure I can come up with something good” but she shouldn’t be forced.

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