AITA for being upset with a family member that just had a baby?

I am NOT the reason. They have no idea that I feel this way what so ever. I have never expressed any desire to see their baby after birth. They actually asked me to go to their house on short notice during the holidays, to drop my vacation plans, so that I could watch their first child while she was in labor. When I said "no" they got upset because it was so last minute and they couldn't find anyone else. So, of course when its convenient for THEM they call me and have me come over, even though I was planning to be out of town. And I did stay in town so that I could help them out. That's why I was irritated for them to suddenly say "no visitors for 30 days". I can understand that policy, but I truly AM more than just a visitor. It was just odd that they absolutely wanted me to drop everything and be there one minute an then the next minute I was cut off.

Going back to me taking huge liberties with their boundaries...absolutely...10000% not true. I never came over to their house ever without a firm invitation. I never invited myself over. It was just a feeling that they gave me that I was always welcome. It is something they would say. They WANTED me there all the time to help. I absolutely did not want to be there. I would rather live my own life and do my own things. So they gave off one impression, and then suddenly things shifted.

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