AITA for blaming my childfree sister for putting me off having children

A few months back, my sister's whole family got COVID (luckily, everybody was OK, knock on wood). It started with her younger son so he had to stay in his room and it broke her heart (he's 10, but he and his brother are close and he's close with both parents). She was literally sitting outside his bedroom door playing a video game with him (both on their own screens). Then the next day of course her husband started having symptoms and the day after that she did and the day after that, her other kid. And she's like, "I'm sick and I'm taking care of everybody else and I'm so god damn tired." Then of course her younger son felt better after like 2 days (and then his big brother was better the day after that) and was bouncing off the walls and wanting them all to play games and stuff and she's like, "I just need to sleep."

Luckily everybody was feeling much better in a few days but I was texting her nagging her to put her husband on kid duty and take a nap.

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