AITA for bringing my service dog in training to a university GSA meeting

Wow! Your response is really making you seem like TA. And your responses to me and others makes it seem like you're not accepting my opinion.

They say don't bring pets, but then you bring them back and let them act as pets. The only reason why they could be at the meeting is because they were service animals. They were not there to socialize.

Yes, dogs should socialize. But why do they HAVE to socialize at the meeting? Why do the people at the meeting have to socialize with your dog if they specifically said they didn't want to socialize with animals?

Then you create the straw argument that the dogs will get sick if they're not socialized. No one said don't socialize with the dogs at the meeting. You don't have anywhere else to take them to socialize? If not, how is that the problem of the people at the meeting?

Bottom line, the only way the dogs should be at the meeting is as service animals. If they need to chill out, take them somewhere else. [With your attitude, I'm pretty sure the people at the meeting would prefer that.]

Also, why post here if you refuse to listen to anyone?

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