AITA for calling my girlfriend insensitive when she kept prying?

If he pushed and pryed in the past about how Im feeling then isnt it okay for me to do it too? If I push is it seen as selfish? Ive been offering to help so he can be in a better mindspace how is that not respecting him? He casually tells me on the regular how happy I make him when hes down. I knew he wasnt fine because going to sleep should be the last solution wed resort to if he was feeling that way. Theres no context in the conversation whatsoever and no backstory of our behaviour towards each other. Most might see it as prying and incessant obnoxiois behaviour but we see it as normal because we come down with a solution in the end. If he says the only thing that makes him happy is me wouldnt I want to stay and help out?

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