AITA for calling out my friend for speaking to my partner behind my back, when she had requested distance from us both (because she had feelings for him)?

The thing is, she is very fixed in her stance that it was never her intention to hurt me nor did she have any ulterior motive. My boyfriend says she just shot him an email during a holiday that she knows makes him sad. She didn’t mean for their conversation to spill over into so many emails and my boyfriend did not stop her either. There’s no flirting or anything happening in the emails but they have a natural friendly banter, it’s always been there with them. I want to believe her when she says this was all a mistake but it hurts me she didn’t even want to explain to me. My boyfriend explained to me instead. I did not need it from him. Since it’s not a loyalty issue it’s a friendship issue. I feel like I’ve made her angry, I mean I clearly have based on her closed off response but I cannot discern what I did to make her feel this way.. all I did was express what hurt me and maybe I could have been nicer about it but it was hard to in the moment and to all that I kinda got the basic you’re wrong.. but think what you want type of response. Do you think I should apologize for the way I called her out?

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