AITA for calling out my best friend for not reaching out when I was suffering the tragic loss of a dog in my life?

You're right. I should have described the emotional support I gave her and how little I ask in return. I should have said that I answer my phone for her 24/7 and I can read her emotions and try and ease her stress all week long. A lot of my gifts help keep her afloat and make it through the week. She owed me nothing for me buying her groceries or beer. I couldn't ask for money back because she just doesn't even have it. I wish I lived closer because I would have just driven over with advil or smokes. I was trying to describe that I tried to make her life a little less stressful because I understand what it's like to be low income.

It's also valid that there's some codependency because we were so close. I commented earlier I live a lonely life and she knows this. She's usually here for me and this interaction was bizarre and hurtful to me.

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