AITA for calling pest control without my husband's permission?

I’m curious as to how you would react to bed bugs? I’ve been unfortunate enough that I had to deal with bed bugs before and they are the one of the worst living bugs on this earth. I used to live in an apartment that was just the top side of a big house that they turned into a couple of different apartments. Couldn’t see them when moving in, but apparently the entire house had them- so once we moved in and got cozy, they came running. Our neighbor told us he’d been fighting them for years but the landlord refused to get an exterminator and kept buying cheap shit.

Anyway- I just wonder if you had to deal with bed bugs instead of roaches, would you still feel the same? You wouldn’t try to get rid of them? Because the “taking them out on a piece of paper one by one” definitely wouldn’t work. Honestly there isn’t very many things that do work on them.. but still.

Also, they live together. Why should he have tots say over what happens? He is allowed to feel the way he does- but she doesn’t have to feel the same way, and she shouldn’t be expected to live in a house (that I am assuming she also contributes to helping with bills) if she feels uncomfortable. The only option other than exterminating the roaches- is to just live with them. Is that fair to her? Where is the compromise at all?

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