AITA for calling police on stranger in my room when it turns out roommates invited him?

Hard YTA. You keep saying he was in your bedroom when you're talking retrospectively about your post yet when telling the story you state he was in the shared bathroom. Not really "your space" is it? Why don't you shut your bathroom door at night if it's connected to another room anyway who the hell just leaves it open do you have a scat fetish or something?

Think it was pretty obvious he was harmless and knew your room mates when he just puked and went back into their room. Saying you were in fear at the stage is a bullshit cover story for you to act like a narc. You're room mates were doing a good thing by not letting him drive, they had completely pure intentions, you however seem to get kicks from being spiteful and monopolizing control.

I despise people like you, you make the world a terrible place. You're like the bus driver that would make kids walk to school if they ever forgot their bus pass.

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