AITA for cancelling my daughter's 16 birthday for taking my husband's late wife's journal?

She definitely feels slighted. As someone whose parents continually picked other people over them, I get it. She also believes her mother is being treated unfairly, and is putting her foot down about it. She’s wrong about it, but she believes it.

Daughter might also think it’s unhealthy to run to inanimate objects for emotional support. I know my therapist told me, “That’s how you make attachments to objects and push away people.”

Tbh I do think it’s weird to marry again before you finished your grieving. I find that it isn’t fair to you, or the people you bring around you, since you can’t put in 100% of your emotions. You’re split between wanting the future and loving the past. But I can’t tell people how to run their love lives, or how to process their guilt. They are two very complicated emotions.

Daughter is AH 100%, but there’s something up with her.

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