AITA for coming into work "just on time"?

While I do see your point, but I still believe it's the employees responsibility to show up READY to work at the scheduled time. That's how I've always seen it, but I know plenty do not. I feel many of these people have never worked shift work, and were force to wait past their scheduled time because someone decides to walk in the doors on the dot, but isn't ready to work, so you're forced to remain at your post.

At my job now, I fully expect myself and my team to enter the doors of our office either at or before midnight. If a team member walks in the casino doors at 3:55, and doesn't walk into our office until 4:02. They're late. Plain and simple. The other shift is waiting on them in order to go home, and it's just as AH thing to do for imo for someone to sit in their car until the last second and walk through the main doors at midnight because they feel they're time is more important than the other shift's.

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