AITA for defending my mom from hateful SIL?

Yes. And we talked for a while about everything in private and she told me for the first time how she felt and that my mom offended her a couple times. I didn’t know any of this because we don’t really speak to each other, other than when we visit and I don’t include myself in my moms conversations because I don’t like to get involved in all that. We don’t really talk by default because she is married to my brother who was physically abusive to me growing up. I was just so blown away at SIL for not feeling sorry and basically agreed with her sister that my family was trash, fools and a bunch of other stuff and refused to apologize for that. Like don’t pit our families against each other just because she needed to have control of a situation when everything else was going bad. And we did not know we were sick. Not even a peep until much later, and it just came out of nowhere, sickness like that is easily mistaken for food poisoning so we didn’t think to say anything which we should have regardless. I acknowledge my mistakes and really wish that whole situation went differently. And my niece is fine she just needed fluids thank goodness.

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