AITA for ditching my date at the restaurant?

Ugh, reminds me of the time I sat next to a dude at the bus stop near Wal-Mart. Don't recall how we got to chatting but at some point he mentioned he was from Iran. White guy with a freshly bought six pack of beer walks around asking people for change for the bus. He gets irate that not many people were coughing up coins. Makes a big deal that a black guy gave him a quarter- like he came back around to tell us that, specifically, a black guy gave him money.

Anyways, him and the Iranian dude at some point get into a verbal altercation over the obnoxious begging. Iranian dude has an accent so beer boy comes out with "this is why Trump is going to build a wall, to keep people like you out. Because you Mexicans don't know English."

I somehow felt wrongly accused. Really had to resist the urge to respond with, "Actually, he's Iranian". Like saying something like that would have made anything better.

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