AITA for flushing Animal Crossing down the toilet?

So instead of sitting down and having a mature conversation you decided it would be easier to flush a game down the toilet? Please don’t ever have children if you’re going to handle problems by flushing them away. YTA

It’s an extremely crazy time and your gf was probably enjoying if and using it as a way to escape the craziness. You wanna use the fact that you’re working so it’s your house, your rules, your everything but that’s not what a relationship is. Do you want a girlfriend or a maid because you obviously can’t see the difference in the two. Just because you work doesn’t mean 100% of the chores and responsibilities are on her. It should be as close to 50-50 as possible with the percentages going up and down depending on what’s going on in your lives. Yes she can pull more but you’re not completely free of not doing anything for YOUR house, as you like to make that clear.

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