AITA for forcing my son to see how difficult it is to raise a baby?

There is absolutely no way in hell your approach is going to work. All you are doing is pissing your son off, and eliminating the future possibility of him asking for your help or advice if and when he needs it. What you are doing is a fantastic way to drive a wedge between yourself and him, increase his resentment of you, and possibly ruin your relationship with him.

The Chinese have a proverb that roughly translates as "you teach my son, and I'll teach yours". Teenagers do not respond well to antagonistic pedagody, least of all from their own parents. The best thing you can do for him right now is to sign him up for parenting classes, and get a professional, some actually trained to teach parenting, to do what you are trying to do. They actually have a chance of succeeding. With your approach, your son will continue to dig his heels in, and you will not be able to change his mind.

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