AITA for getting mad at my girlfriend for "accidentally" sending other people nudes?

NTA, Idc what anybody else on this sub says, women do not “accidentally” send nudes, there’s things you can let slip and do accidentally but that’s not one of them, but let’s humor her for a second and say on the off chance it was accidental, why would she have nudes on her phone if you don’t get to see them? What are they for? Is she planning on becoming a nude model? If not then who are they for? Herself?....highly doubtful. Some people would say I’m just ramping up your paranoia but the truth is man, chances are you aren’t paranoid, trust your gut, your reaction was spot on for any man in love with his woman and just found that out.

Let’s say the roles were reversed and you sent a nude “by accident” and she flipped on you, and it was her in here making the post, most of these would be people would saying NTA like I am now, whether they care to admit it or not. If she flipped out on you, like you did to her, you’d be apologetic if it was truly was an accident, not defensive and angry/upset like she did. None of this adds up, and it definitely screams potential cheating. Trust your gut above all but don’t let your heart blind you to what’s right in front of your eyes. Good luck!

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