AITA for getting upset that my cousin didn’t get me the drink I asked for?

my family, as in the 3 of us, have been dealing with financial troubles for nearly 10 years, and yes, our money situation is bad enough that something with as little value as a coin is crucial for us and my cousin is fully aware of that and always has been. i gave her money for drinks & malts with a little bit extra because that’s ALL i could afford to give without completely screwing myself out of money, which is why i wanted to be reimbursed in the first place.

in response to your last point, the one drink in the fridge belonged to my aunt and our rule here is that anything that belongs to someone in this house is off limits to anyone else. my aunt could have a 100 cokes in this house, but as long as she says they’re all hers, then they’re all hers, so that wasn’t an option until she made it one.

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