AITA for giving dependents a military discount?

You’re just diluted and pathetic. Seriously, look up how much of the military can be deployed at any one time. Look up how many POGs are in fire fights. Look up how many suicides there are in the army by cooks and other like MOSs (they’re staggering with the common point being absolute boredom and lack of utilization). I’m saying there’s a ranking system, a tier system, a system that shows who’s worth more. I feel sorry for you being misled into thinking your friends were more important than they were. You’re only kidding yourself by thinking every man and woman in the military is equal- there are literal classifications for every one of them. My husband was important- but not as important as an officer. That’s reality, doesn’t make anyone upset because it’s just imperative fact. Flip side of that is he was classified in a higher tier than a cook, even within regiment (who has their own cooks who have to go through the same training and are classified higher than a regular cook). You get the privilege of detachment and it’s pathetic to see your lack of understanding. You want to talk about the inner workings of something that you would be eaten up and spat out of.

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